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简介:你能想象戴着上眼镜,动动眼球之后可以“切水果”吗?由武汉大学大三学生团队研发的Xight人眼视线捕猎系统将神话(mythology)变成现实。In ancient Greek mythology, Medusas gaze turns onlookers to stone. Yang Shuo, a junior software major at Wuhan University, can crush fruit in the Fruit Ninja game simply by moving his eyes. The 21-year-old and his teammates recently developed a mask which operates a computer by eye movement.在古希腊神话中,美杜莎可以用目光将看见她的人变为石头。而来自武汉大学软件专业的大三学生杨硕在玩水果忍者游戏时,却可以通过移动视线来切水果。


最近这位21岁的大学生和队友们联合研发出有了一个通过眼球运动来操纵电脑的面具。The aim is to help physically challenged people and possibly to pioneer a new area in computer control technology. Their product enables users, who have weak muscles or are disabled, to operate a computer.这项发明者目的协助残疾人士,并近于有可能首创计算机操纵技术的新纪元。他们的产品可以协助那些肌无力或身患残疾的使用者来操作电脑。


Their eye movement is captured by digital cameras fixed to the glasses, enabling the eyes to act like a computer mouse.相同在眼镜上的数码像机需要捕猎用户的眼球运动,这样一来双眼就可以替换电脑鼠标的功能。We wanted to develop a technology that helps others and solves the toughest problems, said Yang, leader of the team named Xight.“我们期望研发一种技术,可以协助他人解决问题最棘手的难题。”“Xight”团队队长杨硕称之为。Li Jin, 21, a junior software major at the university, found a challenging problem during his visit to Chongqing Disabled Persons Federation in an off-campus activity last year. Li noticed that disabled people wanted to communicate via the Internet, but many were unable to because of their physical condition.21岁的李今某种程度是武大软件专业的大三学生。

他在去年参与参与重庆残联的校外活动期间找到了一个极具挑战性的难题。李今注意到,尽管残疾人士期望通过网络与外界交流,但很多人因为身体状况而无法构建这一点子。Lets see what we can do, said Yang.“让我们来想到自己能做到些什么。


”杨硕说道。The idea of using the eyes to control a computer came up. Because the eye is one of the most agile parts of the human body, said Li.于是,他们想起了用眼睛来掌控电脑。


However the team discovered that eyes can be too quick to be captured by camera for an accurate positioning function.但该团队找到眼球运动过慢,照相机无法捕猎其运动状况,无法构建精确定位功能。As a result, their prototype glasses could only function in four corners of a computer screen with the head held still, which wasnt practical.因此,他们原本制作的眼镜原型只有在维持头部一动的情况下,掌控电脑的四个角,缺少实用性。The team reckoned that with lots of experiments and calculations, a pattern of eye movement could be traced and programmed.他们思维后指出,通过大量的试验和计算出来,可以跟踪眼球运动的方式,并撰写涉及程序。



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