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本文摘要:Google has revealed plans for a remote babysitter service that uses cameras and motion sensors to alert parents when their child is in danger.谷歌近日公布计划,将研发“远程婴儿监控器”。


Google has revealed plans for a remote babysitter service that uses cameras and motion sensors to alert parents when their child is in danger.谷歌近日公布计划,将研发“远程婴儿监控器”。当婴儿遇上危险性时,通过摄像头和运动传感器警告家长。The smart home system would use a series of sensors to tell if an infant has been left alone for more than 10 minutes, and then send a text or email to parents.这个智能系统将用一系列传感器辨别婴儿否独自一人待着多达十分钟,然后给家长发短信或邮件。


It would use its sensors to shut off plug sockets when a child gets near, and lock digital doors to prevent them from escaping a room, according to the patent.监控器的专利说道,该系统它能在小孩相似插座时重开插座,小孩出有房间前就能提早锁门上的电子锁。Other features include blinking lights and audio warnings such as: Toddler unattended in a certain room, Your child is approaching an electrical outlet, and Your child is alone for 10 minutes.监控器的其他功能还包括在房间里闪灯、收到警告,如:“小孩无人看守”“小孩正在相似电源”“小孩早已十分钟没有人看守了”。


Typically these hazards are avoided by not leaving children unattended in the first place, the firm wrote in its patent.专利中还写道:“一般来说只要有人能看守小孩,这些险情都能避免。”However, there may be situations where children are left unattended within the home due to circumstances beyond a parent or guardians control.“但是,也有可能孩子在家中无人看守是因为家长或监护人无力及此。”In these situations, the parent or guardian may not have had the opportunity to make safe those potentially hazardous elements, thus putting the unattended children at risk.“这时家长和监护人有可能就无法保证孩子的安全性,孩子没有人看守,潜在的威胁又那么多,孩子的处境并不安全性。

”Each feature could be controlled by Googles Home mini-speaker, according to the Evening Standard.《标准晚报》( Evening Standard)报导,谷歌的迷你对话机“家”能掌控所有功能。It would be designed to give parents peace of mind when leaving their child in another room or with an inexperienced babysitter.这个监控器是为了让家长可以在孩子在另外的屋子里或者没有经验的保姆照料孩子时安心一些。Google has said there is no guarantee it will market the technology.谷歌方面不确认不会会上市这款监视器。

We hold patents on a variety of ideas – some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some dont, a spokesperson said.发言人说道:“我们申请专利有很多原因,有些有可能知道不会制成产品,获取服务,有些会所求。”Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patents.“有前景的产品当然会负于于专利。



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